Crisis Management

Crisis management can minimise and alleviate the negative impacts of a crisis.

Crises can be difficult for any business to predict and manage. Whilst we all believe that crises should be avoided at all cost, sometimes through circumstances beyond control your business can be faced with a crisis. How prepared you are in that event can have a direct effect on how your business recovers, associated costs and the impacts on your brand and reputation.

We often find that in many businesses, management are so focussed on the day to day operations that external, independent support is required to plan for and manage a crisis. At AKMSolutions, we provide scenario-modelling and planning to minimise and alleviate negative impacts caused by crises. We provide you with a crisis management plan including key messages and themes so that in the event of a crisis, your business is prepared and in control. Specifically, we deliver:

  • A bespoke targeted plan
  • Key theme identification
  • Key message identification
  • Key personnel contact during a crisis

To discuss a how crisis management can better prepare your business, contact us.